This gift voucher is a bearer document, partially or totally redeemable by its value enabled in VISUS HOTEL if the purchase is for a higher value, the surplus must be covered by the carrier with any means of payment.

Only VISUS HOTEL shall be liable for the values used by this card, which does not generate interest, nor is it refundable in effect, only in goods or services supplied by VISUS HOTEL.

This gift voucher is valid for 365 days from its date of activation, rating, or issue, and will not be accepted if any kind of adulteration occurs, deterioration or does not meet the stipulated requirements or the required safety characteristics, VISUS HOTEL is not liable for theft or loss of the same.

You can select any of our plans and purchase the card.

You can claim the card directly at the Hotel or it can be sent anywhere in Colombia for as little as $9.900 COP